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Website and Protocol

​Websites are perfect for distributing information

Cities create tons of documents and information.  All of which citizens want to see and have easy access to.

This is why having a city website is such a great asset.  It can be there for citizens 24/7.  It can direct people to documents, allow multiple departments to spread information, and can allow easier, direct access.

Your city website is the cheapest employee your city will ever hire.  It will be there, working, while you are at your job, and it'll be there working at 2am while you're asleep.

Never Worry About Your Website Again

When you choose Liberty Lynx your city transfers all control of the city website to us where we host the website on full SSD servers for blazing fast performance. ​

The website can be toggled to show different languages, although English is the primary language.

Your entire website will be under encryption.  There will be a green lock on the viewer's browser indicating that your city values security with SSL encryption.  This also means that the login data of city officials is safe when they use public WiFi networks.

All web data on your current (old) website will be transferred over to the new city website that we design.  We do this transfer for free.

Your email is managed and maintained by Liberty Lynx as well, ensuring that no one within your city can spy on your conversations.  All old email and web accounts will also be transferred to our systems, which provides a ​more reliable service of email delivery, storage, and performance.

​Tyranny Proof

The biggest problem we come across on a regular basis is the abuse of power that a non-managed city website creates.  Having a website is a great asset, but it can quickly become a tool used for political means.

Liberty Lynx provides a way to have an outstanding website and email while never having to worry about who is in control.  We accomplish this by maintaining a Protocol that your city must agree to upon contracting with us.

This protocol allows for a structure of work that is rigid enough to maintain order, but flexible enough to allow different city officials to use the website in a way that best meets their needs.  This makes your city government run more efficiently.

If there is ever a "tyranny loop hole" in the Protocol, then Liberty Lynx addresses the issue to continue to maintain the balance of control and productivity.

Liberty Lynx worries about your website so that you don't have to.