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How Secure Is Your Website Right Now?

Websites are under constant attack, even if you don't see it. Hackers around the world set up "bots" that are automated programs that run 24/7, trying to pry into any website with weak security. Government websites are usually the first category of targets.

The hackers simply set up the bots, then go about their day until a bot "cracks" into a website. Then the hacker damages the website however they decide.

Hackers will hide malicious code on your website, turning it into a malware distribution center. You could go for months, even years without knowing about the malicious code until it's too late.

The result ​a hack ​is devastating

Computers visiting the website can be infected. Virus software companies will blacklist you. And site visitors (Citizens) will begin to mistrust the website and those in charge of it. 

It can take years to gain back a good reputation if your website causes people harm.

When was the last time someone scanned your website for malware?

Liberty Lynx scans our city websites every single day for malware. If there is any problem we immediately go into protection mode, eliminate the problem, then research like crazy until we find the security hole that allowed the issue to happen and we neutralize it.

Regardless of what day you are reading this, know that Liberty Lynx has already scanned our city websites for malware less than 24 hours ago.​

How hard is it to hack into a Liberty Lynx controlled city website?

Pretty hard. Besides the physical server side firewalls we have in place, we also deploy not 1, but 2 different firewalls on the website itself.

If your website was a Medieval city, Liberty Lynx's firewalls would be the castle walls.  We would be the guards manning the gates, keeping malicious people out.  And anytime someone attacked and damaged the security perimeter, Liberty Lynx would be the repair crew, ready to reinforce the security and safety of your city.

Liberty Lynx ​secures your website ​like a fortress

  • Abusive 404 Detection
  • User Activity Logging
  • XML-RPC brute force protection
  • Firewall protection
  • File change detection
  • Strong password enforcement
  • Ban non US IPs (hackers)
  • Brute-force login protection
  • 2 factor authentication
  • XSS prevention
  • Password expiration
  • Uptime monitoring

BUT what if the website is ever hacked?

​Everything is eventual.  Being hacked is not a "What if" question, but "When?"

Liberty Lynx backs up your website every single day and holds copies for up to 14 days.  So on the rare chance that the site is hacked, we can easily upload a prior version of the site that is only a day or so old.  

Then Liberty Lynx will do a security review to find out how exactly the hacker got in.  We even take care or reputation management by contacting the major anti-virus companies to make sure your website isn't on their blacklists.

​Frequently Asked Questions​

What if our city website already has malware on it?

Liberty Lynx will remove it for you, free of charge.  The moment we take over your website we will do a full review and scan to look for any viruses or malware.  Liberty Lynx will remove anything vicious.

What if ​a council member writes a newsletter, then accidentally deletes it?

​If it was saved before the most recent backup of the website (last 24 hours) then Liberty Lynx will reload the previous backup to help find the article/post/newsletter.

What ​exactly is backed up?

Liberty Lynx ​backs up everything.  Every post, every newsletter, every announcement, every document, and even the website database.  If, for some reason, ​a hacker gets through the security measures Liberty Lynx puts into place, then your entire website will be completely replaced with a fresh install.  The only change will be reinforced security to fix however the hacker got in.

​Can a city official insert malicious code/hack the website through their personal portal?

​No.  The contract with Liberty Lynx ensures that only we have administrator control of the website.  A city official can never "take control" of, or hack your city website.

​What if hackers take control of the city website and demand a ransom in order to release it?

We'll delete the entire website and its database, thus removing any control they think they have.  Then we'll upload the most recent version of the website, which Liberty Lynx downloaded less than 24 hours ago.

​What if hackers took control of the website 7 days ago and the malware is still in the newly reinstated website?

​Liberty Lynx keeps 14 days worth of backups so we'll go back and reinstate an older version of the website. Please note that this has never been necessary.