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​Increase Your Productivity

Liberty Lynx ​gives city council members the ability to get more done.  We set up and manage your email so you can rest knowing that no one from your town is spying on you, using your email against you. 

Liberty Lynx also posts documents for you if you don't have the time to post them yourself.

​Want to use products like Microsoft Word and Excel?  No problem, Liberty Lynx can provide them as part of the package, which ​helps your city accomplish more in less time.

​More access points means more work done

There's no reason why every City Councilman shouldn't have his/her own page to post updates and information on what's being taken care of.  With Liberty Lynx everyone gets their own page they can post updates on or provide information on.  Take advantage of the website sidebar to have semi-permanent info while the main area show every update as it's posted.

Other city officials get their own areas as well.  The City Clerk, for example, gets a page for everything that office needs.  Link to agenda documents, election paperwork, and more.

Shouldn't your Police Chief and office have his/her own webpage?  It could link to important information like crime stats, officer bios, and particular issues.  There's also an area for regular updates.

And each of these divisions has their own email box so that citizens can contact the person/department directly without a middleman!

​Top quality email saves you from having management headaches

Email is the lifeblood of 21st century communication.

Liberty Lynx takes care of all your email needs.  We maintain and manage all email accounts associated with your city. No one from your city can access another person's email.  We keep all information private until we receive a notice from your Clerk's office regarding an open records request.

Speaking of records, we archive email to keep industry standards.  SSL encryption helps protect email data while in transit. We then store your archived email in top-tier, physically and logically secure data centers. And we encrypt it for storage using AES-256 - the same standard used by the U.S. Department of Defense.

​Get on the same page* with Microsoft Office

​(Yup, pun intended)

You'll never be productive without great tools to help you get projects done faster.  You wouldn't use a rock to hammer in a nail, would you?

Liberty Lynx can provide your city officials with Microsoft Office.

​Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook, and even Notes.

This ​office suite is updated regularly.  Never worry about not being able to read a document that another city or ​county official sends you.

And since everyone has access to the same software, everyone will be able to easily access all the documents that other city officials create.

​Done for you document posting

Usually when someone needs to post a city document they need to sign into their account and upload it to the website.  But if there's not enough time, or there is a problem with the upload, the official can email Liberty Lynx the document and we'll upload it for him/her.

This service increases the productivity of your city as it provides needed services to your citizens quickly.

The number of documents we will upload per month is limited based on the plan chosen by the city.

​Liberty Lynx improves the quality of leadership in your city

For cities that choose our Standard or Elite Packages, Liberty Lynx provides a special bonus.

We created a leadership training program which covers a wide variety of topics ​which help city leaders get more accomplished.  These topics include

  • ​Budgeting basics
  • How to connect with others
  • Communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Leadership Authority
  • Goal setting
  • Conflict management
  • ​Public Speaking
  • Time Management skill
  • Procrastination Elimination
  • Daily motivation

This specialized leadership training helps current and future city officials by giving tips and tricks that improve the quality of your town's leadership.

We provide this as a bonus to any City ​that chooses our Standard or Elite Packages.  Standard Package comes with 5 training slots.  The Elite Package comes with 40 slots!  Give access to your council members, Office staff, or even community leaders.