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Become an Information Superhero

Liberty Lynx builds your website to make it easy for citizens to access content.  Imagine being able to do a search through all documents for a keyword.  Think about how much people would love to receive a weekly or even a monthly newsletter.  Need to know what people think about an issue?  Set up a survey or poll!

​Government has a responsibility

​Part of the American Dream is that every citizen ​should have access his/her government.  

Government has the unique responsibility of keeping its citizens informed.  People desire to know what's going on at the city level.  They need access to information so that they are informed and can be part of the political process.

​By choosing Liberty Lynx you make sure your city website is an information super star!  You will impress your citizens of how easy it is to access important documents, as well as contact individual officials directly.

​Liberty Lynx Makes ​it Easy to Access Documents

​Post necessary documents quickly

​Small towns ​might be small, but they still have tons of documents they need posted on a regular basis.  Meeting agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and that's just some of the basics.  With Liberty Lynx your city officials ​can post documents on the city website effortlessly.

​​Your city can delegate responsibilities out to different city officials.  Your Mayor can post meeting agendas, your City Clerk can post meeting minutes, and your Chief of Police can post a crime report.  ​

Best of all, no one can go in and delete something that someone else posted just because they didn't like it.  Say a group of City Councilmen want to hold a meeting about a topic that the Mayor doesn't like, so they Mayor doesn't allow a meeting agenda to be posted in the appropriate place.  With Liberty Lynx, the Mayor cannot block nor delete a posted agenda.

Tagged, searchable content makes finding information fast

With so many meetings, agendas, minutes, ordinances, etc, finding information can be really difficult.

Imagine you want to find a law about animal control.  Unless you have memorized the exact date in which the city discussed the issue, you would have to go through every single PDF document until you found the correct one.

Liberty Lynx allows you to search for information as if your city website was its very own search engine.  Your very own Google.  Type in "animal control" and find every webpage that discusses animal control.

Documents can also be tagged with relevant keywords.  Click a tag like "animal control" and see every single document that is tagged as containing that topic.

ADA compliance gives your citizens better access

Right now, your city probably posts documents that are in PDF format.  This means people who have vision impairment cannot easily get the needed information.  

Liberty Lynx makes it easy for your city officials to post items like a meeting agenda as a regular post.  People with vision impairment can then use software that will read the content out loud for them.  This makes all of your regular content ADA compliant.

Starting with our Standard Plan, Liberty Lynx provides this service for you so that all you have to do is post the regular PDF document and we'll turn it into an ADA compliant document.

​Liberty Lynx saves you time by posting documents for you

​For a city official to post a document he/she needs to sign into their own account and post it in the appropriate place.  But if your city officials are crunched for time and need help posting, Liberty Lynx can do it for you.  Simply email us the document that needs posting and we'll have it posted within 48 hours.  See our Protocol and Policy for more details.

Individual Access Areas

Delegating Responsibility provides better flow of information

Regardless of the size of your city, you probably have a city clerk, a police chief, and maybe a fire marshal.  You also have multiple council members and maybe even a city administrator/manager.

If only 1 person has access to your city website then that person has all the control when it comes to information.  It also means that 1 person has all the responsibility and work load of putting information on the city website.  This slows down the flow on knowledge and usually results in 1 very stressed out web administrator and a very upset citizenry.

​Liberty Lynx Creates Special Access Areas for Key People

​​​Every person who needs access to the website gets access to their very own area.  The Chief of Police gets his/her own login account to post updates on the police department area of your city website.  The City Clerk gets his/her own account to post whatever is required for the City Clerk's office.

Every single council member gets their very own account so that he or she may login and access their designated area of the website. 

​Let every City Councilman post updates and news

​Since everyone gets their own access areas, this means each ​city ​official ​may post updates on his own webpage. 

A smart city delegates responsibility among councilmen by creating different committees tasked with covering specific topics.  Let's say Councilman #2 is on a Street Maintenance Committee and he wants to update people on what is going on with that work.  There's no need to wait a whole month or two for an official City Council meeting.  With Liberty Lynx he can just post an update on the official "Councilman #2" webpage.

​If a City Councilman never updates his page and informs the citizens of what's going on, then people now know that that person isn't a good person to keep in office.

Great Tools for Citizens

​Send out newsletters to citizens who subscribe

​​​Starting with our Standard Plan, Liberty Lynx will manage and maintain an email subscriber list for your city.  Your Website Committee can hand over a newsletter to Liberty Lynx and we will send it out to the email subscriber list.

We maintain the list so that no one can use it for political means.  An upset councilman cannot send out an angry newsletter just because he/she was voted out of office.

Liberty Lynx helps your city by setting up multiple email optin styles and areas so that the maximum amount of people will subscribe.  This ensures that your newsletter will reach more people.

​A mobile app just for your city

​​If you really want to help citizens access information then you'll take advantage of the mobile app that Liberty Lynx can design just for your city. 

This tool really helps if your city is in a low income area.  People who do not have internet at home often have internet on their phones.

Anyone who downloads your city's mobile app will ​yet another way of connecting with the city government.

Great Tools for ​Government

​Create Surveys or Polls

​​A great way to get input from citizens is by creating a survey or poll.  

Post a survey and give a time limit so that citizens have time to give an answer.  After some time, citizens will learn that they can go to the city website to give their input.  It's a great way for you to get input and to get citizens more engaged.

If you really want citizens to know about your poll, then put an announcement in your next newsletter!

​Direct access to officials

Every Councilman and every city department needs to be able to be contacted.  A citizen should be able to send a message to the Police Department, without a councilman spying on that message.

Liberty Lynx creates contact boxes for every councilman and every department.​​  Any message goes directly to that person or department and isn't intercepted by a middleman.