Never Worry About Your City Website Again

Imagine having a city website that does more work than you do!  It meets with people 24/7, shares information, sends out newsletters, gives specialized training to council members, and even lets different officials log into their very own designated areas to post content.  Imagine accessing a premium, managed email service that is archival compliant.

This is exactly what Liberty Lynx builds.  Small town websites that are effective, efficient, and beautiful.

If your citizens don't love your website then your website wasn't designed by Liberty Lynx!

Everything you need in one package

Every small town/city government needs web management.  Great Management covers everything from email addresses for council members to a page for the Chief of Police to post updates on.

Liberty Lynx builds websites that cover the 4 most important needs of a small town:  Information, Productivity, Security, and Protocol.


Liberty Lynx builds your website to make it easy for citizens to access content.  Imagine being able to do a search through all documents for a keyword.  Think about how much people would love to receive a weekly or even a monthly newsletter.  Need to know what people think about an issue?  Set up a survey or poll!


Liberty Lynx ​gives city council members the ability to get more done.  We set up and manage your email so you can rest knowing that no one from your town is spying on you, using your email against you. 

Liberty Lynx also posts documents for you if you don't have the time to post them yourself.

​Want to use products like Microsoft Word and Excel?  No problem, Liberty Lynx can provide them as part of the package, which ​helps your city accomplish more in less time.


Liberty Lynx scans our city websites every single day for malware. If there is any problem we immediately go into protection mode, eliminate the problem, then research like crazy until we find the security hole that allowed the issue to happen and we neutralize it.

Regardless of what day you are reading this, know that Liberty Lynx has already scanned our city websites for malware less than 24 hours ago.​


Liberty Lynx ​eliminates issues created by small-town political disputes.  Typically, small city websites are created by someone involved in the political process, and the website or city email addresses quickly become weapons to use against political opponents, or worse, citizens.

With the Liberty Lynx protocol you can rest easy knowing that your website will be used as a source of information, not as a source for evil.